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Top 15 Best web hosting services in the world 2020

How choose a Best webhosting services 

We should choose best web hosting service for our websites. Is it essential? Yes, The main purpose of a web hosting service is host websites with a secure system.

Top 15 best webhosting providers are, 

  1. Bluehost
  2. SiteGround 
  3. GreenGeeks 
  4. WP-Engine 
  5. Godaddy 
  6. Liquidweb 
  7. A2Hosting 
  8. HostGator 
  9. Hostpapa
  10. Hostinger 
  11. Dreamhost
  12. Mediatemple
  13. InMotionHosting
  14. TMD hosting 
  15. Ipage hosting

 According to the research in past 10 years top 15 webhosting services are mentioned here with the reasons why we should choose them. This article gives you everything to choose best web hosting service in 2020.


  • Starting at:$ 3.95/mo*
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 30days money back guarantee 
  • With 24/7 support
  • free domain (websitename. Com) 
  • Highly recommended customer service 
  • Special Discount (63% Off)
  • Compare with other services : 94%support  90%price 98%speed        
Bluehost is 1# web hosting service in today world. There are five major  types of web hosting plans included in bluehost. You can choose the most suitable hosting plans for your personal websites or your business websites. There are many SEO companies mentioned the reasons, why bluehost become most popular for wordpress. The main reasons are good customer service and special features that gives us for lower prices. It may be the main reason which helps to built good interaction between the bluehost and customers. Although many features can be seen in other web hosting services, we can't happy with them. When we choose bluehost we can decrease loading time of our website and bring more traffic. Thirty days money back guarantee is another special feature, It helps  customers to choose a their webhosting plan more 


  • Starting at :$3. 95 /mo*
  • Compare with other services : 80%support   90%price  80%speed


  • Starting at :3.95/mo*
  • Compare with other services:   90%support  90% price  88%speed


  • Starting at :$ 35 /mo*
  • One of the most expensive hosting service.
  • Another good feature is minimum loading time. 
  • Compare with other services : 85%support   50%price  80%speed


  • Starting at : $ 0.99/mo*
  • Most popular webhosting service in the world
  • Compare with other services : 85%support   90%price  80%speed

6)Liquid Web

  • Starting at :$ 29/mo*
  • Second place among most expensive hosting services. 
  • Compare with other services : 90%support  60%price  90%speed

7)A2 Hosting

  • Starting at :$ 3.92/mo*
  • Free domain
  • Response time is good
  • Compare with other services : 85%support  80%price  85%speed


  • Starting at :$ 2.75/mo*
  • Most popular hosting service among bloggers 
  • Loading time is not good                When we compare with others Hostgater get the highest loading time
  • Compare with other services :  
90%support  75%price  30%speed


  • Starting at :$ 3.95/mo*
  • 30days money back guarantee 
  • Good customer service 
  • Compare with other services :
80%support  90%price  88%speed


  • Starting at :$ 0.80/mo*
  • Hostinger is tbe cheapest webhosting service who giving us the minimum price for webhosting plans
  • Compare with other services :
75%support  80%price  85%speed


  • Starting at :$ 2.59/mo*
  • Good customer service
  • Compare with other services :
50%support  80%price  75%speed


  • Starting at :$ 30/mo*
  • Compare with other services :
80%support  80%price  80%speed


  • Starting at :$ 6.39/mo*
  • Free SSL Certificate Included 
  • Best customer service
  • There are many hosting plans can be seen in InMotionHosting 
  • Other good feature is good response time
  • Include a free domain I
  • Compare with other services :
75%support  75%price  75%speed

14)TMD hosting

  • Starting at :$ 2.95/mo*
  • Free domain included. 
  • Good customer service 
  • Compare with other services :

40%support  85%price  40%speed


  • Starting at :$ 1.99/mo*
  • Free domain and  good domain are some features which helps to use ipage by customers further. 
  • Compare with other services :

60%support  90%price  30%speed

There are lot of suggestions from web hosting service providers. You can compare above mentioned features and choose the top cheapest hosting service for your websites. 

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