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How to start your own business

How can you start your  own business in 2020

Start your business

Amazon and Microsoft are the largest businesses in the world since 2000.what is the secret for the success? Work harder is the only secret. Today is the best way to start your own business. 
You do not need an LLC yet to start a business. Just remember they come with nice Tax bonuses...
No, I don't have a kid yet but getting my EIN papers was The Proudest day of my life. I had saved money, Then I was asked to get a business lawyer and accountant a business Bank account. That money went out the door so fast...

I remember that on the day I needed to copyright something but I had almost no money left but my lawyer at the time which I already pay, would not do it because I could not afford the $35 fee. I remember crying at the end of the phone, LIFE.

"Rome was not built in A day" the amount of pain that came with my LLC papers after a  few days. I almost lost everything I had: my car, apartment, girlfriend, fake friends < real ones will stick by your side when the money is gone.

I needed to take responsibility for my life and start doing whatever it takes. I needed to dig deep.

you’re scared of failure GOOD!, you should be. then you need to man or woman up and face your fears because success is outside of our comfort zone.

You deserve the current life you have based on the choices and actions you took six months ago. If you want a new life then you need to make better choices and take action on those decisions you make. If you want a better life you must earn it.

How can success through me? 

Start asking yourself what you want your dream life to look like. Then start making a plan and tackling each step to help you get closer to that life.

When you die you won’t regret your failures because you actually went for it. You will, however, regret the things you didn’t do because you played it safe.

And I know I'm going to get this question, Yes you can share your EIN is a public domain.
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