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How to make money through Rakuten (Formerly ebates)

Make money through rakutan

The world has mounted up to its crest in development in terms of technology. People have become very busy with their day to day life. The Internet has become a great assistant for these busy people.  

Everyone prefers to settle their electricity and mobile phone bills through the Internet. Apart from that, people are also keen on shopping online.

Rakuten website     

It is easier for them to make an online purchase and get what they require to their doorsteps even without stepping out of the house and with a single click.

There are many online trade platforms and websites for us to purchase and order what we need through the internet. Ebay and Daraz are some examples for such online markets.

           But did you know that there are online shopping websites that offer you money when you do a normal purchase on anything you require?. If not, this article is specially for you.

Rakuten! Money!!!

How would you feel if someone says that you can earn money through the internet while making a normal online purchase?

No doubt, you would be definitely delighted.
Is it possible???? 

Of course, it is...

Rakuten is a very typically used website by most of the people in the world to make online purchases.

If you purchase anything via Rakuten, you will be granted a particular amount of money by the Rakuten company for using their website for your online purchase.

Rakuten will send a cheque to your mailbox or PayPal once your purchase is done.

Get started by signing up

In order for you to experience these exciting offers, you should sign up for the Rakuten official website.

You can get a gift voucher of 10 $ for the very first purchase you make through this website.

Through Rakuten you can select one of their massive online stores such as Wallmart or Amazon and earn cashback. Rakiten has over 25000 online stores.

All that you have to do to get this exciting offer is to log in to your Rakuten account. You will be shown a list of Rakuten online stores. once you click on the online store you wish to purchase your good through, Rakiten takes you to their website and you can do your purchase as usual.

Then the store notify Rakuten, that a purchase has been made under your account and Rakuten directly sends money to your account.

And the most important thing is that Rakuten does not stop by just sending you a cheque for the purchase you make. Every three months, they are sending you a cheque for all your earnings.

How much can I earn through Rakuten.

The cash back amount is being varied depending on the value of the thing you are purchasing. However, it will be displayed on the website as a percentage of your payment. this percentage could be ranging from 1% to 50 %.

For instance let's imagine that you are buying a pair of shoes from an online store named "Sunshine". the cash back percentage of their store is shown clearly on the website as 8 %, 5 % or other. If their fixed rate is 8 %, you will be given 8 % of the total value of the pair of shoes you buy.

So if you are purchasing the pair of shoes for 55$ and if the cash back percentage is 8% you can earn a cash back of 8.8$.

Rakuten pays you every three months and you can use that particular duration to collect some money for your next online purchase.

You can select a method that you prefer to be paid. You can either take your money by a physical cheque or else Rakuten will deposit it in to your PayPal account.

Rakuten App.

It is now easier for you to earn money through Rakuten by using their Rakuten App.All what you have to do is to get the app from the google play store and purchase what you need through the Rakuten app.

Share Rakuten with buddies and closest ones.

By referring Rakuten to your closest friends and buddies you will be granted 25$ by Rakuten and a gift card of 10$ will be given to your friends with whom you have shared Rakuten.
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