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How to Lost Your Money Online In 5 Ways

How can lost money online?        

I have about a book of why several businesses have not worked out. I was gong to post it but, I know NO ONE would read it. So Let's presume I am telling the truth.

Most if not all either under delivered or pre-sold stuff they could not fulfill. Some of them did REALLY SHADY things like using other peoples content or just flat out did not provide the service they sold.


Course was good but, never could get help. I was always upsold another course or coaching.

2.Email marketing:

Asked for help 100 times in the group and all crickets. None of it worked and even after following the course, showing my notes I get told "Find your passion" Or "Email marketing is dying move to chatbots", But sometimes you can become success through this.
>> Email marketing can make you a large income. But it can cause to lose your money.

3.Building social media channels

Paid someone to build my social media channels. They never did the work but, since they delivered 10 percent of what was promised Paypal sided with them.

4.Affiliate marketing

Got made fun of for being poor. Blackmailed, harassed and told I could not do it anymore. Unfortunately, because of this persons influence, In order for me to gain access to the main marketing groups again I had promise not tell anyone the full story.

5.Mastermind course.

Contents were never delivered. i asked another marketer for help at the live event because I am have disabled eyesight. They promised something which they flat out lied about and I recorded it. They have since blocked me. The funnel, videos, help that was promised and even the recordings have not been delivered. I messaged the support team multiple times.

Down below is the very short stories of SOME of the failures. But, without me writing an entire book that you will not read. I can show proof including screenshots, messages and emails of what happened. Including being scammed by the "Supposed nice guy" OR "Anti Guru". I can provide proof of being scammed, harassed, blackmailed, made fun of, bullied and stolen from, them lying, cheating and swindling.

I have gotten to a point of extreme depression border line hazardous to myself.

I have TAKEN courses, coaching and mentoring. But, I have gotten to the point where I can not trust anyone. I do mean anyone. It has ruined my relationships, it has effected me so much that disregard the entrepreneur as a dirty word for scam artist.

I can provide proof that many of the famous nice gurus has cheated by either no providing the service they promised. For example buying a mastermind course and never receiving the replay. Or buying a gurus course and get a personalized store( never received and the course was udemy.)

Purchased SMMA courses and never received help and followed the course to the letter. Than finding out that they have decided to revoke your access because they want high paying clients and poor student is not their idea of good course followers.

Buildings social media channels:

They did not even do it and they admitted it. After filing a paypal dispute paypal sided with them because they can not speculate the value of what work a person does no matter the amount. This one still bothers me.

Entire inventory landslide downwards during textbook season. I did the research, I did the work and I could show the notes plus actual quotes and comment from gurus in the industry. Than FBA restricted my account for their own incompetence with a billing issues they credit. My account was messed from them switching from 3 weeks to two weeks or week pay periods I forget.

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But, really you can earn money online. 

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  1. Could you expand on the first point?

  2. You really have to read reviews and research before spending money online.

  3. Ugh, I really can empathize with how you feel. I've been in the affiliate marketing space for a while and it can feel downright frustrating to pay for programs where little to no support is offered. I can't say I've had anyone blatantly rip me off, but I understand the frustration that comes with spending money without seeing a return of your investment.

  4. Wow, you have experienced a lot of issues for your online business!

  5. I am new to blogging and starting out with the hope not to spend any money. I am a sahm and if some how I make money through my blog I might re invest it. I am not willing to spend some of these crazy amounts people and company's ask for, when you look for information to help with these things it is somewhere out there it just is very time consuming to find. I have time in the evenings but not the money.

  6. Interesting article, it is pretty helpful you put together all of these points where one might lose out on hard earned money. Thanks!

  7. Definitely need to read reviews. But also with the Internet, you have to only spend money that you are willing to lose. Since you don't know some of these folks, it may be too difficult to get any money back. Sorry you have had such a hard time!

  8. Investing or spending money online is something everyone should really read and pay attention to before committing. There are too many scams out there.

  9. It was interesting to read the other side of the spectrum for blogging. Money can leak like there's no tomorrow, if you're not monitoring your expenses.

  10. I can't trust any online course or purchase services because it's not as what they seem sometimes. I'm sorry you had to go through this unfortunate experience

  11. Oh my goodness. I can believe the social media one. Nowadays, they are all about the dollar.

  12. I agree with a comment above, you have to read and do your research before you dive into something.

  13. You have to remember that nothing in life is free and if its too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful with your money.