How Create Your Own Blog And Earn Money

      Start your blog now

  Becoming a blog owner is a dream of many people around the world today. Many bloggers are earning a good income through their personal blogs. So, if you area newbie and you want to start your own personal blog this article is for you.Let's get started. Here...we...go...

How to start my own blog.

At first you should choose a best web hosting plan.
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Starting a personal blog has become much easier now, than in the recent past. It doesn't matter how new you are to this field. All that you need to do is to go through this post. 

Free blog or self - hosted blog.

This is the most important area in starting a new blog. So here you should decide what type of blog are you going to create. You can either create a "Free blog" or a "Self - hosted blog" under your own domain.

The difference between the two blog types is that the owner can control a self - hosted blog very easily and the blog looks much serious under your own domain name.
 But, if your focus is just on earning money you can sign up with free blogging platforms.
So the blog platform provider would display or publish ads or anything they want and in case if they publish something which violates the TOS you can do nothing to avoid your blog from being deleted.

So we recommend you to start a self - hosted blog. By following the following three steps you would be able to launch a super blog.

  1. Get a domain name and web hosting at first.

 2. Launch your blog.

Getting a domain name and web hosting.

1. A domain name is the web address of your blog.     

2. This is actually a server for you to store all your log files. This is needed for you to store those files and to save them for your page visitors to go through and read. 
When you select a domain name that name should be very easy to remember. You can pick COM.  NET. OR ORG as your domain ending.

When you choose a web host company, make sure that it has quick installs to any blogging platforms like Wordpress.

Create your own blog easily

follow the below steps.

1.Name of your blog.

The identity of your blog is the most important at first you should pick a good and a descriptive name for your blog.When you pick a name for your blog. It should be descriptive. If your web name is descriptive, the readers can easily understand what your blog is about.

Life experiences, sports, about celebrities, new technology or passion would be very good topics to start a blog on.If you are willing to start a personal blog that you don't need to stick to a particular topic. You can write and publish anything that you feel good.

2. Get your blog online.

Here you have to get your blog online and get hosting.You may feel that this must be a complex process when you see the above subtopic get your blog online and get hosting. But to be honest, this is a simple task as far as you adhere to the below - given steps.

You need the support of a blog host company to start a blog. They store your log files. when someone types your blog name on a search bar the blog host company sends them to the user.

Blogging software is also a mandatory requirement in creating your blog. If you are to start your own blog in the near future, we would like to recommend the WordPress blogging software. It is very popular and being used all over the world by many people to get their blogs created.

The best blog host you can have is Bluehost.

Benefits of using Bluehost as your blog host.

1. They will register your blog for free and they have maximum security on your details.

2. They have a twenty-four-hour customer care service assistance.

3. They are ready to return your money back (A money-back guarantee) if you are not satisfied with something.

Starting a blog might cost you a considerable amount of money. But starting your blog with Bluehost will help you to do it for a less amount of money.

Let's get started.....

>Bluehost (with free . Com domain name)

You can either type this on the Google search bar and get connected to the site.But from above link you can get 63% special discount.You will be directed to the Bluehost official website.There you will find a green colour box which says, Let's get started.Click on it.

Then you have to select a plan for your blog. On the screen, you will see three plans like Basic, Plus and Prime.Plus and Prime plans cost you 5.95 $ per month.But the basic plan will cost you only 3.95 $ per month.

You can select the proper plan which suits your budget and your needs.
Then you will see a display with two little boxes to type your domain.

A domain name is the URL of your is an example for a domain. So on this page, you can provide your domain if you have already created one or you can create a domain 100 % free through Bluehost.
Once after typing the domain you must click the "next" button.

You will be directed to a page where you have to fill out a form. Scroll down and fill it with all the information you are being asked to provide.

After scrolling down and submitting the form you have filled, you will be automatically directed to the Bluehost dashboard.There will be many icons in different colours. Don't let anything drive you into confusion. gently scroll down and click on the blue colour icon install WordPress.

You should provide the website name, create a password and give them an email associated with your account.

Once after getting done with it click the "NEXT" button. Then you will be directed to another page and you have to see whether a message as "word press installation is complete".On that sentence, there will be a part " view your credentials here"
Click on the word "here"

Then you will be able to see your domain. Click on the domain.
Then you will be directed to your login.Give your password and user name and click log in.

Now you have already created. So you have a personal blog of your own. You need to customize it and publish your posts in it.


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