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Bill gates is the one of largest and most populer businessmen in the world.He is the founder of Microsoft company . A few weeks ago I watched Inside Bills Brain: Decoding Bill Gates and there was something very interesting which caught my attention. When he was younger, Bill's sister spoke about how he would lock himself in his room for hours and hours. Shutting himself off to the outside world to read and learn.

Bill himself said that he was so cut off from his family that he would not speak to them at days at a time. He would be in his room chewing pencils, reading and detaching himself from the real world. This lead to a pretty rocky relationship with his Mother as all Bill wanted to do was be in his room and of course she wanted him to get out and be social.

Bill (and his sisters) give huge credit to his success early on with Microsoft through his Mother for pushing him to socialise and engage. Bill notes that without the introduction to people, businesses, communities and United Way that he or Microsoft would not be the company that it is today.

How become successful online businessmen

I think many entrepreneurs can relate to this. Spending hours and hours building or learning or time in their room or office away from the real world. For me, I did the same things earlier this year and it's important to not lose sight of who you're servicing and including the social aspect to entrepreneurship. It's important to focus when you're building but I think it's also imperative to have some social life or communication through networking events and meetups.

I consider myself an introverted extrovert, but earlier this year I was far too heavy on locking myself away from the real world and perhaps lost touch with what is happening outside. Once I adjusted this, and started forcing myself to connect with businesses in my city it allowed me to gain further insight into what they do and ultimately helped build build my network.

If you're feeling like you're shut off from the world and just continually working on your business without engaging in the outside world it might be best to include some extroverted and public events. It will give you more clarity, excitement and opportunity to meet others who you never would of online.

By being away from his business, this is how Bill Gates met Warren Buffett and formed an extraordinary life-long friendship.

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