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Brand Yourself And Make Money

How to brand yourself and make money 

Here’s 6 tips that’ll help you if you want to get started with Facebook, I’ve generated multiple six figures organically through facebook so it goes to show what’s possible!

 Six main steps for brand yourself and make money 

1) Clean up your profile, you need to make sure you have a clear and sharp picture of you!

2) Have a captivating bio, make it clean and simple! Tell a bit about yourself and your business, but at the same time hook people in.

3) Make sure you remove all company information, having your company logo, your rank title, your ads, or whatever there may be there, is repelling the majority of your audience, this is something you also need to keep simple, just have your company name or make yourself as self-employed.

4) Stop treating your profile as a sales page! I know most of you love your product and opportunities, but 99% of your audience couldn’t care less! Your audience wants something from you, they value, they want you to be the one solving their problems, as soon as you manage hat you’ll make money, those who provide the most value make the most money!

5) This goes hand in hand with the tip above, there’s nothing more attractive than someone who is authentic and real! Show up and take people on a journey, if your business has changed your life, then share it, inspire and motivate others!

6) Make sure you’re being consistent, how you do one thing is how you do all things! If you show up “once” in a while, your results will ultimately reflect that. As soon as I started showing up and helping people out, my business completely blew up!

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  1. These are all great tips! I agree consistency across the board is very important!