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Create a successful website or a blogsite and become a millionaire


The most popular and most trusted way to earn money in today world is advertising.You can 
create your own website or a blog easily.

You can share articles in your social medias and get some traffic for your website.pinterest is a one of most success way to increase targetted can create facebook ads and gete a traffic.but I'm not 
Before create your site you should choose the best categary for your website or your blogsite.

You should start to write posts which you like most and which you can most.Pay attention about the most popular categaries...ex:fashion blogs and After choose your best categary you can write the posts on your 

After create at least 50posts 
Then you can start your earning through your site.

I can't recommended paid traffic, Because they have the minimum probability to click your affiliate links than the visitors bring from search engines.

Technology blogs are the two of most populer blog categaries in today world.

website or blogsite. It should 100% unique and creative posts. 

The founder of Amazon.Com , Jeff Bezos is the richest people in 2019.His worth is greater than 
110 billion USD. generate large income for increase his wealthy.We mentioned it for motivate you and get some idea about the income 
which can make from a successful website.

In the begining(after make 1-20 posts) you generating the traffic only10-20 visiters per day.But don't stop the writting.Make new posts in you website or on your blogsite further regarding to your main niche.

with more than 400 words per eachone you can apply for Google adsense.after reviewing process 

Google gives you to enable adsense.

The successful secret to increase your website traffic is insert some internal links, external links,images and videos related to niche(without copyrights).

Choose a best web hosting service for your site

When start your website you should choose a best web hosting service for it with a domain name. 

Experts highly recommended bluehost for wordpress websites

Top 10 web hosting services in the world

1.Bluehost -($2.95/mo)

    Best fastest Hosting site for wordpress .(free .com domain included)63% special discount link.

 2.InMotion Hosting -($4.99/mo)

3.HostGator -($2.99/mo)

4.Hostinger -($0.08/mo)

5.GreenGeeks -($2.95/mo)

6.Site ground -($3.95/mo)

7.Dreamhost -($2.95/mo)

8.ipage -($1.99/mo)

9.Godaddy -($3.66/mo)   

      Most populer web hosting service.

10.A2 Hosting -($3.95/mo)

Your hosting service is the one of basic reason for the success of your website.So you should choose the best web hosting service for your website.

After you create 400 posts with over 400 words per each post you can generate over 4 K daily page visitors easily.After 1 years you have a creative website with high traffic.

Your domain authority increased and you can generate over 120K monthly will get natural backlinks. 

Your monthly income become over $1000 in every months.
  After 2 years later you are generating Over 1 MILLION page views per month.You can imagine your income in future.your income get 
increase in every day.your website become the source for new websites and new bloggers.Your 
website will become the number one in google rankings.You can use a part of your income for 
SEO companies and keep your website within first three websites in google ranking and get a 
highest traffic every month.

It helps you to increase your income and it desides the time 

which you should spend for become a can do affiliate marketing in for increase youre income.

Top Websites owners and blogsites owners who makes highest income in 2019

Top 05 Websites owners

1.Jeff Bezos - (Annual income $ 61 Billions)
  #owner of the

2.Larry Page,Sergey Brin -(Annual income
              $ 50.2 Billions 
             #owner of the

3.Mark zuckerberg -(Annual income                                            $ 5.1 
           #owner of the

4.Robin Li -(Annual income $ 2.95 Billions)
             #owner of the

5.Reid hoffman -(Annual income $ 1.7 Billions)

              #owner of the

Top 05 Bloggers

1. Huffington post -$ 42.2 Millions per month

2. Moz -$ 3.98 Millions per month

3. Endgadget -$ 3.95 Millions per month

4. Mashable -$ 3.46 Millions per month

5.Perez Hilton -$3.35 Millions per month

Now you can start , 

                     >>your website                                                                                  
                    >>your                                              or

Now You can follow the above mentioned methods and Start to make a highest passive income through your website.

>>>Secret for become a millionaire

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