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         Have you ever considered the thought that the universe can only do for you what can be donethrough you? or have you any niggling doubt that the world is primarily about trading values and qualities in skills based on knowledge for funds or vice versa? 
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For this reason, people with knowledge tend to be resourceful, have the ability and capability to attract people or investors with funds to invest in their bankable business ideas or get them pay for their special skills to help accomplish specific tasks and similarly people with financial muscle have the power to entice individuals with specific knowledge and skill-sets to help build their business empire.
Hence, knowledge is the oxygen that fills our personal and professional existence while funding is the lifeblood of our business existence!

This best explicates why we can not afford to lack in both knowledge or skills sets and funds or financial resources. It is obvious that people with financial resourceses are in dire need of people with knowledge and skills sets to help increase the number of hands they engage in their business and the number of hours they work per day.   
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As a result, highly influential and successful people with financial clout over time are aware of 
the fact that their two hands working alone and a day with just 24 hours are not enough for them to strike a paydirt talkless of attaining self actualization.

Obviously working with two hands and 24 hours day can not give them the kind of success they 
require or desire, it is not enough to achieve their business goals, objectives, aspirations, dreams 
and vision.

As a matter of fact they know that they must work with more than a thousand hands as well as work 

at least a thousand hours per day! Did I hear you say how is that possible?

With this end in view, they focus and channel their energy on how to develop a perfect business 

model, framework, structure, business continuity strategies as well as engage more knowledgeable and skilled individuals whom they pay to perform specific tasks and of course then figure out a way 
to make each specialized section and their set goals work in order to achieve their business 
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I strongly believe in the idea of an entrepreneur being pertinacious, thinking big and starting small 
but it is utmost imperative for entrepreneurs and business owners who desire astounding success in their business to suss the need for them to figure 
out how they can incorporate and engage more hands and more hours than 24 hours a day to 
enable them grow, scale up and expand their business.

To this end, there is need for entrepreneurs to establish and position themselves as experts in 

their field by proving their knowledge and information virility not only to grow and attract people who have what they need but also to help others in the same industry grow and establish 

On the other hand being an inept and a callow entrepreneur lacking experience and intelligence 

in your field or niche particularly in figuring out how to increase your hands and hours in a day is 
one of the reason businesses fail.


  When an entrepreneur lack the capacity to grow and expand it becomes a challenge and one of the most difficult aspect of business that every entrepreneur and business owners must face head on with an unwonted attitude and enthusiasm in 
order to give them an auspicious start in business or in their entrepreneurial journey.

No doubt, securing funds to start and execute your business ideas and plans is difficult, it may also be difficult but not impossible getting investors to invest in an existing business in order to scale up and expand compared to seeking and acquiring knowledge and skills sets using readily available free online resources adapted for in 

specific field before you start investing in yourself.

If you lack the wherewithal to achieving your personal, business and professional goals, I 
strongly suggest you seek and acquire knowledge and skills required to succeed in your chosen business or life endeavours. It increases your 
knowledge and understanding in the niche, prepares you for future opportunities and over time position you as an authority in your industry. 

Knowledge enables you to fletch out your business ideas, put your gift to use, start a blog, launch your podcast, write a book and develop an app for your business to allow people have easy access to you, your programs, products, services and your business platforms both online and 

Besides no one or organization engages a coolie who has no knowledge, experience or skills 

therefore entrepreneurs must have a penchant for seeking and acquiring knowledge and skills sets. 

The more knowledge entrepreneurs acquire, the 

more luck they have and the brighter and promising their chances of succeeding in 
personal, business and professional life.Start your 

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As we can see seeking knowledge is key to business success but besides seeking knowledge 
which skill out of the following do you consider the most essential to building a successful business as an entrepreneur?

1. Marketing and Sales Skills

2. Fundraising and Management Skills

3. Presentation Skills To Selling Your Ideas

4. Perfecting Your Business Model

5. Organizational Skills to Assemble a Great Team

Remember as an entrepreneur, you can not afford to lack in both knowledge or skills sets and funds 

or financial resources, they are your oxygen and lifeblood of your mpersonal, business and 
professional existence!

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